Upgraded to newest version now printers don't work

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I was using the older version without any problems.  Yesterday I upgraded to the newest version.  When I went to print on my Epax E10 it said wrong file format.  It was saved in the correct format.  I replaced the thimb drive and still have the same message.  I re sliced and the same message.   So I went to my Phenom and the exact same thing happened.   Then my anycubic mono x.   None of my printers will print with this updat.   How do I convert to the old?   I can't afford to fall behind 

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    you have to update the individual printers as well to operate the new 1.9. Basic instructions here https://www.chitubox.com/en/article/support/howto/chitubox-pro/install-activate/how-to-update-your-printer-firmware