Dig a hole, regardless of whether program thinks it should

2021-8-19 7315

When I have a hollow model with internal supports. More often than not, the dig hole feature will not work because it thinks the model is "not hollowed out or too deep to dig". It's pretty much always wrong. I can SEE where it's trying to dig and it's FINE. Let me do it! Even if the model wasn't hollowed or it was actually too deep to dig, I still want to be able to put holes there! In my current project, I'm hoping to be able to put dowels through the holes once it's done to keep all my pieces held together. It's a really nice feature!

So I'd love to either remove the requirements on the hole dig feature entirely or just have an (unsafe) option box or some such that I can press and it'll let me do as I please.

Or just fix the feature as it is! It's clearly not working properly!

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