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Is there a forum for support of the Pro version?

Are Pro licences going to be extended to 1 year after the date that an useable veresion is available?

What is the development cycle expectations for Pro?

The cost of the 'Pro' veresion is an extremely high premium for software in this category.  3 months after release and the Windows veresion is still unusable (menu buttons non-existent, dialogue boxes only displaying 1/4 of the window, invisible numbers, etc.).  At this point I would expect the release to be retracted and either refunds issued or licences extended until such time that the software is actually in a release candidate state.

Two features I would expect from this 'Pro' version:  90-95% polished UX/UI that has passed at least basic end user testing and run-time optimization including multi-threading for intensive opereations such as island detection, supports, slicing, etc.

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    I don’t have any answers, but this is not great to see. Chitubox Pro is absurdly expensive. Two years is more than the cost of a new iPad. A lifetime license for MS office on Mac is $70, and MS Office 365 is $100 for a year, which licenses 6 people and has 6TB of cloud storage. Even if Chitubox Pro was immaculate, $170 a year for one computer is DOA. I might understand if this was a lifetime license price, but it is not. This is the perfect situation to encourage people to use pirated versions. I think this product will fail if it hasn’t failed already, or that it will be scrapped and reworked extensively.
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    I have spent a substantial amount of time with the software on Windows 10.  I completely agree, at best this product is in early beta, and I am feeling generous.  

    The software closes with out warning.  Opening a project, saving the project, then starting a new project will save over the original project.  Only way around this is to close the software and reopen it.  There are missing features everywhere.  The documentation and sales literature all show these features, not to be found.  Support is non-existent, I have sent emails and no response, even days later.

    I agree with the suggested solution, extend the licenses until such time as the product is complete, and then add 1 year to the license. Or refund the money, and allow me to participate in an open beta.  (The software in the state as of this post is not ready for open beta).
  • I demand a refund from ChituBox but they have also gone silent on me. clearly they weren't ready for the Pro Version to go public with its release.  I can't even get passed the mscvr120.dll driver issue with install. This is crazy.