Part Size Error

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I'm using ChiTuBox 1.9.0 on a Windows 7 laptop.  I'm building 1:48 scale parts for a model railroad using TinkerCAD for design and an Anycubic Photon resin printer.  My small parts slice and print well just using supports.  When I tried printing a larger hollow box I discovered the X and Y dimensions grew by 4%.  I tried setting the parts at 2.5 degrees for both X and Y or printing them with no angle added and just supports but I get the same  problem.  When I print the box using Photon Workshop there are no sizing errors and the parts come out within 0.001" of the designed dimensions.  The picture below (if I did it right) shows the .stl parts I'm building.  The cargo box is hollowed out using TinkerCAD with wall and roof thickness of 0.100".

Rail Truck Cargo Box.jpg

Another problem I found was that Chitubox would hang up, freeze, when I went to save the sliced part.  I found that I had to minimize the window to the task bar and then re-open it in a small window (not full screen).  After doing that it saved the slice with no problem.


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