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I'm running my first print after the test print.  All was good until near the end of the print then I could hear a noice that sounds like the print gets overly stuck to the vat but the force of the build plate does lift the print.  I paused to check to see if the print was stuck to the vat but it is not, it's just making a sound like it's stuck as it's lifting.  What could cause this?  TIA

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  • Cliff Knight 8 Months+
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    99.44% of the time "sticking to the vat" (the FEP film) is actually a failure to stick to the platen. I have seen many new printers with an overly glossy, almost mirror-like, finish on the platen--some, myself included have used fine grit sandpaper (500 grit or finer) to "break" the glaze on the platen and promote better adhesion...

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    Janet , 
    If your part is stuck to the build plate correctly , all is well :-) there should be a 'cracking' sound as the part is peeled from the FEP film. Always check the bottom of the vat for any debris that might be stuck to the film.

    If you part sticks to the FEP film, try thoroughly cleaning the FEP surface with ISOPROPNOL . Check the build plate is correctly leveled . 

    Make sure the FEP is tight on the bottom of the vat  - it should ring like a drum 


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    Janet , If your part is stuck to the build plate correctly , all is well :-) there should be a 'cr ...
    Thanks Bill, the next print the build plate stuck to the vat and would not come off.  I had to take the build plate screws loose and the vat screws off to get the two apart.  Is there a setting that might be wrong?
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    Wow that's a new one :-)  Did you observe the first few layers ? I normally just check to hear the first 'crack' to ensure the printer is working before leaving it be.

    I suppose a very long first few layer exposure might stick things together.
    I believe I typically use 30s for most resins with an extra few seconds for black (35s) or very dark colours . Clear resin can also over expose too.

    Another cause could be scratched or roughened FEP film . It can be difficult to get stuck prints off of the FEP without damage.

    How are you levelling (i.e. setting the home height) the build plate ? could the initial layer be too think?
    My Saturn uses a fairly thick card to space the plate from the LCD (card, because the FEP film is thinker than the smaller printers) . I have seen people level using the vat (i.e. straight onto the FEP film ) but you'd have to be careful not to scratch the FEP while centring the plate.