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      After three months of development and testing, ChiTuBox V1.5 ( officially released today. We added some useful functions (resin profile, hole depth and so on) and solved some bugs at the same time. 

ChangeLog of V1.5.0

1. Added option to export support parameters separately and select list of slice profiles

2. Added hole depth options

3. Added the option of exporting global configuration

4. Added prompt pop-up when generating automatic support and closing software

5. Added Japanese translation

6. Added French user manual

7. Optimized compatibility of format plugins

8. Open the speed and distance parameter options of Anycubic Photon

9. Optimized default parameters for support and slicing

10. Fixed a bug where the factory setting does not take effect.

11. Fixed a bug where the support structure was missing when exporting SLC slice files.

12. Fixed a bug in SparkMaker FHD anti-aliasing that has been turned on.

13. Fixed a bug where the cursor was misaligned when rotating the model in the case of multiple models.

14. Fixed a bug where the support structure was misaligned when the model was rotated under certain conditions.

15. Fixed a bug where the model was not in contact with the support in some cases.

16. Fixed a bug where the font was missing when the software was opened.

17. Add Thanks.txt to the installation directory

18. Others

      In order to be more compatible with more machines and allow more users to use chitubox, we have opened the file plug-in interface so that more developers or companies can develop their own format plug-ins.Some users have already released CWS and ZIP (for Bean) plug-ins (For the time being, developers only release the win version. If you need a Mac or Linux version plug-in, you can compile it using source code or contact the plugin developer. )and source code on Github( On the technical issues of format plug-ins, if you need the help of the chitubox team, you can send an email to We are willing to provide technical support for you.


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  • Guest 1 Months+
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    thank you for your hard work
  • 1 Months+
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    ChiTuBox 1.5 continues to create non-manifold stl files after hollowing.  I cannot use hollowing or dig hole functions.
    Thank you for 1.5 update even though the bug from 1.4 still exists.
  • uglyduckling81 1 Months+
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    1.5 Manual Supports are broken. It ends supports in mid air, throws links out to non existent nearby supports.

  • Guest 1 Months+
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    im signed in to this forum and it keeps telling me im a GUEST, it will not let me post a new topic, but anyways
    How i Made my own UV Resin printer Vat Cleaner using ChiTuBox V1.5.0
  • Guest 1 Months+
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    I cannot remove any supports in Chitubox 1.5. They just show up as red. No matter whether I do it with ctrl + right click or with marking the "support minus". Is there any confirmation key to actually remove it?
  • Guest 1 Months+
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    On 1.5 I can't add supports where needed, it will only add minimal supports to the lower base with auto and platform options. Will not add to the overhangs or angled areas, I even try clicking the usual areas that I know it needs supports and it does nothing. I tried the same file on 1.5 and on 1.4 and it works fine on 1.4. Plus the bottom raft looks weird, nothing like what I'm telling it to do, it looks like the bottom of a boat, pointy. I have since gone back to 1.4 because everything seems to work just fine plus I'm getting less errors on the Photon file validator, 1.5 is too glitchy at the moment and I don't have the patience for it.
  • Guest 1 Months+
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    Probably done for Creality LD-001
    - CWS file for LD-001 firmware 0.1.0. is just gcode file with syntax of CWS + ;Number of Slices = comment is mandatory + slices png in zip. 
    - Creality can't count properly, so you must substract 1 (20h to found it ...)
    - it also has error in slice tag - blank is missing
    - backlight shutter is controlet with M106 and has dealay so you must add 1000 to delay tag to has right cure times
    - manifest is missing, slices are instead named as gcode file - .gcode extension + 4 digit number starting at 0. If anything slice missing, then priter stop working. Be warned, chitubox writes png only with number without leading 0, printer gets them, but only up to slice 99.png
    - if printer stops printing (-1 slice on display), it can't be recovered on printer display, but you can go to homepage at browser - everything works fine, no printer restart is necesary.
    - i get plugin for csw for wanhao and make changes into it, but I'm not C proggramer, so on your risk.
    Plugin and source:
  • Guest 28 Days+
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    I just tried the plugin but it doesn't change the Gcode if I change settings in Chitubox, say if I change exp time to 5s, in the cws it saves, the Gcode file still has the old 7s exp time on there. No matter how I change things, the Gcode this plugin generates always stays the same. Is that just me?
  • Guest 24 Days+
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    Expositure times in LD-001 plugin should be working. Gcode is hardcoded in plugin for now, Gcode setting in chitubox is ignored, it was quick fix. I change it in future, I didn't have time to do it now.
  • ChiTuBox 22 Days+
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    please try this Bean plugin that user have fixed
  • ChiTuBox 22 Days+
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    CWS plugin that user have fixed yet

  • Guest 18 Days+
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    in the new version profiles of all uv printer put a Vat cleaner script, use it like your bottom support so you can get your finger nail under it to pull the skim resin
  • Guest 18 Days+
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    here is you some idea's of newer versions
  • ChiTuBox 16 Days+
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    Guest in the new version profiles of all uv printer put a Vat cleaner script, use it like your bottom supp ...
    Hello, very good suggestion, we will consider this point.
  • Guest 2 Days+
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    hi this is TheEZhexagon im the one posting the links in this thread, the forum keeps telling me im a GUEST,
    well anyway what about putting in the GCode on 
    to power off the unit after print has finished and put it in the chitubox for other resin printers, be nice to power off when im not home and at work, right now im using a 1800 watt outlet timer to power off.

    im using usb sdcard to print and not dirrectly to the pc,

    uv resin printers are in another room.

    im not sure if the power off GCode works for all uv resin printers