Anycubic MonoX 6k

Cristiano 4 Months+ 3135

Good evening!

I bought this printer Anycubic Photon MonoX 6k and realised that the profile still doens't exist on chitubox.

Is it possible to configure it manually while the profile is not released?

Apreciate some help!


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  • Cliff Knight 4 Months+
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    I believe you could load the AnyCubic_Photon_Mono_X.cfg driver and change the resolution as needed in the "Settings|Machine" dialog...

  • Guest 2 Months+
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    I also bought a mono X 6K and there is no profile for Chitubox. Mono X 4K profile does not work because it saves in a different format
  • Cliff Knight 2 Months+
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    This is an Anycubic issue, they created the Chitubox plugin--contact them...

  • Guest 2 Months+
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    I have an Anycubic Photon MonoX 6k. Would like to buy the Pro version. But unfortunately there is no profile.
    Why is there a profile on LycheeSlicer
  • Guest 2 Months+
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    So I have bugging them for weeks and here is the reply, they are trying to do some improvement.

    BTW I have tried their's Photon Workshop Beta which will be release on March 2022 as the CS said.
    [ pls dont ask me where to download, thanks =)  ]

    Tested the Beta version and its still shit to control the view, and adding supports still having hard time to do it right, 

    ARRAY items in pattern on location still not exist, and all mess.

    Once again, the Machine is so damn good, Im really love the 6k but the software still shit.

  • Eric Cowan 25 Days+
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    I bought the 6k as well, and the trial version has the profile.  I bought the Pro version and it doesn't.  Also, why is the Pro version at 1.1.0 and the trial version at 1.9.2?