"NO DC" On all menu's.

2022-1-11 411

I recently noticed that no matter what version of Chitubox I run, i have a text saying "NO DC" in the background of all my menu's. The settings menu's, the top left of the main window. I've begun to notice chitubox acting strangely since those words have appeared.. Any idea's?

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-11
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    This is apparently an nVidia graphics card driver issue ;Goggle "nVidia NO DC" and you will find solutions ranging from simple--restoring some settings in the nvidia Controi Panel, to a real PITA--reinstalling drivers and/or your o/s.

  • 2022-1-12
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    Thank you so much! This was indeed the fix for it! <3
  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-12
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    Just curious, was your fix one of the simple ones, or one of the PITA ones?