Move platform up after print

2022-1-18 497

Hello, is there option to force lift to max height after print? I use anycubic mono x and i need it to mount drainer , to this time i need to manual lift from lcd menu wich is loooong 

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-19
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    This is not a Chitubox controlled action, it is a machine configuration issue.

    The Mars firmware packages include a default .gcode machine setup file. I believe Anycubic has such files as well--if you can locate the file edit parameter M8489 (see below) and make sure iut is set to "P3" which tells it to raise the Z-axis to the top after the prunt jib finishes.

    With the Elegoo printers you load this file onto the root directory of the flash drive, and then "print" it as you would a model. The printer recognises it as setup instructions and confifurs itself as directed...

  • Guest 9 Months+
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    Hey, did xou find a solution fpr this problem? I would be interested, too (same thing here with the mono x...)
  • Krein 3 Months+
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