Creality Halot-One Integration?

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Hi there,
Will there be a profile for the Creality Halot-One?
Chitubox is the best slicer program what I know and all the profiles of different printer goods and are great.
I'm waiting longing for the involvement of halot one.


Creality Halot的個人資料嗎?

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  • Cliff Knight 12 Months+
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    The Halot One has the same X, Y, and Z resolution specs as the LD-002H. If it can read a .CTB file the LD-002H configuration fille should work fine.

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    Hi, the Halot One formate is:  .cxdlp :/
  • Cliff Knight 11 Months+
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    My research indicates that is a proprietary format developed by Creality for the Halot series printers--likely to avoid paying Chitu Systems a royalty for using the latest .CTB format--they developed their own project and slicer application (Halot Box) to go along with it.

    As such it is unlikely that Chitubox will ever support it directly. Your best bet is to bug Creality for a Chitubox add-on to support it's output, like the Anycubic and Longer add-ons.