Lost All My Profiles!!!!!

Guest 2022-2-27 1386


I have several versions of Chitubox installed and wanted to clean up my hard drive.  I uninstalled all but the most recent version.  HOWEVER, all the custom profiles I had created are gone!

Anyone know where those profiles might have been stored and why uninstalling old versions deleted them?  I do have a recent disc image of my drive so I can copy the old folders back.

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  • Guest 2022-2-27
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    FOUND THEM in my disc image and restored to  C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ChiTuBox   (Note it is \Local - not \Roaming)   Perhaps my mistake was uninstalling with Geek Uninstaller which cleans up all files related to a program uninstall.
  • Cliff Knight 2022-2-27
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    Losing personal customizations when removing an old version is really frustrating. It's best to back up and keep your custom files at my location before uninstalling the old version.