Chitubox and It's Behaviour Problem.

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I see lot of postings in community and im going through to learn and at least not to duplicate a question thathas the answer already...and i do see there is actually a solid user base too, and very valid questions from other users that has common ground with problems most of people are having (including myself)......BUT, no respond or answer for any of  it from chitubox? 

Is it an indication that Chitubox just dont bother with users and only deal with business side of things ?

Is it gonna be too late for them when they realise users are their core support for them to even do business ?

or do they really think, they will standout in printing environment as a software who is trying to takeover with their specific firmware ? is that even fare game ? and does it really fit to this 3dprinting community + concept ?

Sooo many red flags Im experiencing and discovering since i started to use this software. 

At least i wish that it did perform well and continue on their business strategy or whatever it is....

But who am i to say that right ? im just an individual who is in creative nobody...

I deal with bunch of 3d applications and they are my core toolset...  When you compare chitubox to other applications in its core...Chitubox is an example where application gets in to simplest form, it has very specific reason for its existence and that doesnt really come from creativity or anything. You first create your model in another package and you have to, you cant create anything in chitubox and let this software slice it and export it as alpha image sequence for the machine........basically they have very simple input output...with no additional features.

But it gets far  worse when i got introduced to what that they call "PRO" and slap a price with yearly subscription to something that they dont support ? and not addressing bugs, and problems...

Chitubox needs to do one simple thing...but it just cant do can have free, pro or gold version....It gave me soo many problems along the way, and made simplest problems in to complicated issues where some other applications resolve it in matter of seconds  ( and i am not exaggerating, it was litereally 20 seconds)

and another thing is ....I was wondering why they only allow users to use 7 day trial for PRO before their purchase (norm is usually 15-30 day trial in this kind of packages...or if you made a name for yourself and your software works !! you dont give trial version at all, it might come with a machine and included in that deal...)

Is it because chitubox has soo many bugs and problems that it doesnt even fullfill its core / basic functionallity ? and its most likely user not to move forward with their purchase most likely discover this problems in 15-30 days ? and move on to another application ?

as an individual who has fundemental knowledge about 3d applications, from nurbs and subdiv modelling to animation, topology, printing....etc . This allows me to see problems in early stage.

But for a new user who doesnt have knowledge (which doesnt need to know !!) is not possible for he /she to notice flaws in 7 day usage, and he / she moves forward with the PRO version payment and done,...when its discovered and unusable its too late....

Another thing i wondered from little more technical point of view; 

I was testing with PRO and FREE version. I had actually problem with objects with same setup and didnt export in FREE (crushed ) but did export in PRO. I wonder there is polygon count size limitations too ? or connected to ram usage which doesnt perform after a point....(this is just a guess, i dont have solid proof, which i dont really care to even find the proof, because i just need to slice my model to print thats my goal....... Does it push  you to use PRO version by introducing problems / limitations  ? I dont know...but i dont like it.

IF im a potansial subscriber to PRO....I  should be going for PRO version not because FREE version doesnt do what i need. I would go for PRO because as a PRO user i might need more tools to manage my complex shapes and forms for printing purpose. 

anways, its been about a week since im done with this sofware already moved on to another package, i am actually printing my modesl faar more efficient and in faster pipeline... I was just checking again to see if there was any respond to my topic or other topics that i was interested to get answers. but looks like no answer:) So i wanted to reflect my thoughts .


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  • Cliff Knight 2022-2-28
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    Unfortunately I have to agree with most of what was said above--although it seems CB support via direct email is better than what this forum supplies (almost anything would be). Re: "Pro", I have stated previously I do not "do" subscription software, but if I did the level of support I've seen in this group would have me spitting nails...