Can't edit or add supports

Guest 2022-3-5 501

On one of my computers the add and edit supports doesn't work. I can still delete a support. I reinstalled 1.9.1 on this computer but it didn't help. Any suggestions? Ran 1.9.0 and these functions work.

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-3-5
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    What operating system? The QT development platform used by Chitubox has issues on some hardware with Windows 10 and 11...
  • Guest 2022-3-5
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    I'm using windows 10 64 bit on both of the computers so there shouldn't be a difference between them. The computer with the problem is Dell and the other one is a Gateway. I thought maybe my installer was corrupted so I uninstalled Chitubox and downloaded a fresh copy from Chitubox. Installed and the problem is still there. It has to be something unique to the Dell computer I guess. I just don't know where to look!
  • Cliff Knight 2022-3-5
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    GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) and drivers --these are where the QT platform fails most often--make sure they are the latest and if the latest try downgrading. Also try disabling/removing any graphics related 3rd party add-ons/utilities.

    Wish I had a better answer...
  • Guest 2022-3-9
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    Thanks, I'll keep looking
  • Guest 2022-3-9
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    Found the problem. Operator error. The settings for the top of the supports were set too long and it creates all kinds of weird behavior.