reverting to 1.1.0

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1.2 just hit and updated from 1.1 I did my daily print as usual and it failed completely, my first fail ever with my current setup. I looked in the resin settings and they're completely different to before. I have no idea what half of them mean. 1.1 was working fine. Please can I have a link to install version 1.1.0 again.

To be clear, I just need to get up and running today. I don't mind running 1.2 on a different build and learning it over time, but today I just want 1.1 back on my machine.

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    I agree it will not repair your models now either! I had the Pro V1.1.0 and it would repair my models no it wont even attempt it! So pissed off right now! I would like the V1.1.0 back as well, but of course no support from Shitubox
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    This version is utter trash. I hope they fix it.
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    me too