How to Export lgs Format for Longer3D Printers and Resolve Error Code 1073741515?

Chauvet 2019-12-9 6045

The new CHITUBOX Free 1.6.1 has been released with 10 new 3D printers being supported in the machine list. If you encounted problems when exporting lgs slicing format for Longer3D printers as below, please follow this article.
This issue is caused by the missing plugin. Please click the below link to download Longer3D plugins:

There are two ways to install the plugins. The easy method is to double click the plugin and then the CHITUBOX with plugin installed will pop up automatically.

Another one is to open CHITUBOX and click Menu > Help > Plugins.
Then in the pop-up window, click “Import Plugin” to install the plugin manually. 

After installing the plugins, you can export lgs slicing format for Longer3D printers successfully.
Warm Prompt:
Here is a bug. When you try to export lgs slicing format, sometimes you may meet this problem after writing file.
This will happen when you use the easy method to install the plugin and stay on the CHITUBOX interface and move on. Also when you double click the STL file to launch CHITUBOX and move on, this error code will occur.
This bug will be resolved in the next version. But at this moment, you have to avoid this bug by closing CHITUBOX interface after installing the plugin with the the easy double-click method and relaunching it again. Also you have to replace double clicking the STL file with clicking Menu > Open or directly dragging and dropping the STL file into CHITUBOX. 

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  • Nicolás Herrera 2020-5-5
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    could you pass the mac installer to my email thank you very much!
  • 2020-5-19
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    the installers are located here:
  • Guest 2020-6-29
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    this did not work 
  • mario 2 Months+
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    folders only contain gf2lgs.exe  ,  plugin.json  and 2 dll   but  when u  try  to  open  or import plugin  chitubox  cant  detect   files inside of the folder