Cannot see Print bed or 3d model on screen.

2019-12-14 1523

Somehow zooming in or out made my 3d model just disappear off my screen and I cannot recentre or replace, zoom in or out or anything. Nothing on my display. No print bed, no model. I have turned off the program, restarted it and it always returns to the same thing. Nothing. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed 'printers' in the settings, chosen different files, everything I can think of but no display. I have updated my graphics drivers, I am still at a loss.

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  • Guest 2019-12-28
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    Found what might be a simpler/lighter solution. In your AppData folder (for Windows 10 it's at C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\ChiTuBox) there's a file called global.cfg. Close ChiTuBox, edit the file so that the following lines all end in 0:


    The next time you start ChiTuBox, it should be properly focused on the build plate. In my case, m_z_distance had been set to "Nan", which I assume is unrecoverable.

  • Bill 2020-1-11
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    Those values do not exist on the mac version.  all I see is the following in my global.cfg


    digEmptyShellOuter:0    #掏空外部
    digHoleType:0       #挖洞类型
    digHoleSize:2       #洞大小
    digHoleKeepHole:1   #保持孔洞
    editBrushType:0     #模型编辑刷子种类
    editBrushSize:4    #模型编辑刷子大小,直径
    editBrushHeight:0.01   #刷子高度
    editTriSize:0.2     #模型编辑最小网格大小
    editBrushPop:1      #模型编辑刷子外凸 1/0
    enableFeedBack:1        #使能反馈
    previewBgColor:000000        #预览界面的背景颜色,16进制
    previewFgColor:ffffff        #预览界面的前景颜色,16进制

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