print file is no longer recognized by the printer.

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Hello I have the following problem. Citubox 1.91 works perfectly the data is recognized and printed by my Anycubic MonoX. On a new computer the new version Citubox 1.94 also works perfectly but the data can no longer be read by my MonoX. The data set is displayed but is not visible on the display of the printer and at startup there is an error message. The same data set over the old computer with the old version of the Citubox is recognized without problems and can be printed. The most obvious difference between the two versions are the PlugIns. Can I transfer the old plugin to the new version or should I install the old version of Citubox on the new computer?

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    You can just try update the firmware (download it on Anycubic's official site) or download the previous version of CHITUBOX Basic to work with your printer.