The file is too large, so only part of the 3d model and all layered images can be displayed

Thomas 2019-12-24 2326

So as the thread suggests, chitubox is reporting that the file is too large for viewing. Previously(about a month ago) i was able to load the 3d model, add platforms, slice, save and reload the model without a problem. i come back a month later and am now getting this 'Warn' on a lot of my previously sliced objects. Does this mean the model is just too big for viewing and can still be printed or does this mean i have to figure something out to print the whole model?

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  • 2020-2-17
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    did this work?
  • Guest 2020-2-21
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    I'm getting this error after I've added supports and converted the file from .STL to .cbddlp. Only half the file is loaded/displayed, and if I save and open it in another slicer only half the model remains. 62 MB file. 
  • Guest 2020-2-22
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    Me too. File too large. I'm wasting resin. Preview of sliced and supported .stl  is partial. Previously successfully sliced and printed models won't load preview or print fully now. We need help. thanks