light off time at specified level

Randy 2019-12-25 849

It would be great if we could set specific level(s) to pause the print to allow it to drain before closing it off.  For example, say at level 200 the object would start to close off the hollow section.  Allow setting a 1 minute pause for levels 200 - 205 to allow the resin to drain better before closing it off.

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  • CHITUBOX 2019-12-25
    Quote 2Floor
    Hello, the hollow models need to add holes, and you can set the off time. In the future, there will be a better solution in the pro version.
  • Randy 2019-12-26
    Quote 3Floor
    I find often that putting a hole in your print's head is undesirable and adding extra time unnecessarily between layers would just slow the print down considerably.  Hopefully the pro version will provide a solution by allowing different settings by layer.