Mars P2 ignoring Bottom Layer Count

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First and foremost, I am unsure if I need to bring this to the attention of Elegoo or Chitubox.

I picked up a Mars Pro 2 in November 2022. It comes with Chitubox 1.6.5 and I am having a few issues printing. I've been able to print the test Rook piece just fine. Everything else fails. I've consumed 1.75kg of resin (and 3 FEP sheets) trying and failing to print simple things.

I had a friend remote assist me in making sure my settings were correct for the printer and Chitubox, but we are both stumped as to why the printer ignores the "Bottom Layer Count" setting. Regardless of what I set this to, it will continue for over 3cm!

To stop this I let the printer make several base layers. I then go into the settings as it is printing and change the Bottom Exposure Time (35 seconds) to match the Exposure Time setting (from 35 to 2.5).

Is this intentional? Why is the Bottom Layer Count being ignored?

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