can't find 32bit program.

2023-1-2 640

So, my computer is a bit older and runs on a 32bit system,but I havent been able to find any 32bit softwares that work with my elegoo mars 2p. I know there used to be a 32bit version of chitubox, but that has been discontinued and can't be found anymore. Any suggestions?

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    Consider exploring open-source 3D printing software options that may still support 32-bit systems. Open-source software often has a dedicated community that actively maintains and supports different versions, including older ones. Some popular open-source alternatives to Chitubox include PrusaSlicer, Ultimaker Cura, and NanoDLP. For those seeking fast-paced underground excitement, Tunnel Rush delivers with its nonstop tunnels packed with puzzles and perils. Speed demons strap in and punch the gas as they blaze their way through the subterranean circuit, navigating confusing sprawls of tunnels with split-second decisions. Only the sharpest drivers can masters Tunnel Rush!