Anycubic M3 MAX Help and advice.

Guest 2023-3-24 332

Good evening all,

Just a bit of help and guidance need please. 

Just got the M3 Max fantastic printer. 

I have a current project that my FDM printer could not print to a good standard. 

Ive attached a few images for reference to see it anyone can help. Overall the print is pretty good.

The tube id 5 inches internal diameter with an internal grid. this part is used to calibrated a camera. 

The issue im have you will see in images the grid on one side of the tube is collapsing. ive placed the tube at a 45 degree angle to try and reduce resin parts floating in midair. The support is 70 percent with heavy posts. I'm using Chitubox to slice. im using Anycubic basic gray resin. all the parameters are default to printer. 

So was wondering if anyone could shed light on this. Excuse the punn. 

Many thanks 

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