Hollowing precision

Mr. John Chen 2018-11-5 3887

- Im not entirely sure how the hollowing is accomplished, but it looks like voxel based, shouldn't increasing the precision mean more / denser / smaller voxels?

- The way the program is hollowing at the moment create a lot of 90degree overhangs, which will make printing the inner part problemetic / and or use too many supports.

- Using denser voxels will smooth out the transitions a lot more and give better results.
- I also see the hollow generating empty air tight pockets, this will cause suction / vacumm issues

- Also there should be an option to remove hollow and not relying on undo.

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-5
    Quote 2Floor
    Can you show me " empty air tight pockets "
    At present, the hollowing speed is fast and simple. In most cases, it is the same effect as traditional hollowing out. We will add a more professional hollowing out in the professional version.
  • Mr. John Chen 2018-11-5
    Quote 3Floor
    sorry I think its because I did hollow twice, it made hollow on the hollow. :)
    so my suggestion to 'remove hollow' is important, dont just rely on Undo.