"Network sending" doesn't show printer

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Dear community,

A friend of mine asked me to create a thread here in order to ask for help. He wants to use Chitubox Basic 1.9.4 (installed on Windows 11) with his ANYCUBIC Photon M3 Plus and send the files through the "Network sending" feature. However, his printer does not appear in the drop down menu within this feature, even though it is added in the printer settings before. Allow me to attach you some screenshots so that you can see yourself.

What we have already checked/tried:

- the printer is connected to the LAN and the machine running Chitubox can ping the ip address just fine

- the storage medium (USB / SD card) is inserted in the ANYCUBIC Photon M3 Plus and functions well

- the firmware of the printer is up-to-date, just as the Chitubox version we use is up-to-date as well

- File and printer sharing feature in Windows is activated for the profile being used by the computer

- completely disabling the Windows firewall for Chitubox didn't lead to any changes

- I read that the pc and the printer have to be in the same workgroup, however can't figure out the group of the printer (the PC is in "WORKGROUP" though)

- if the "Network sending" is not used but the storage medium is connected to pc to get the files and then to printer, printing works just fine

- removal and re-install of Chitubox (including Windows restart) didn't help, though the printer was on during the second installation attempt

Do you have any idea? 

Thanks in advance,

and have a nice day,


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    If the built-in network sending feature in Chitubox is not working, you can try using a different software to send the files to the printer over the network splatoon 3. For example, you can try using OctoPrint or AstroPrint, which are both popular choices for 3D printing over a network.

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