feedback: new 1.6.2 is very very buggy

SOCRATES KENTARO 2020-1-17 1742

chitubox 1.6.1 used to crash all the time, but now this 1.6.2 update is absolutely terrible. i have grown used to saving every 5 minutes so i dont lose too much, but the new version not only crashes more frequently but corrupts my chitubox file saves.
i had a big file for my photon, and after a few hours saving, an unrequested copy of the model showed up, but i couldn't delete him. so i saved, and restarted the program, because restarting sometimes fixed this, but the file is totally corrupted and none of the changes and supports appear anymore. this happened twice in a row, and i also had to remake many files from scratch because it is extremely bad.
I understand its a free sofftware so i accepted the difficulties, but saving and reseting used to get me through this, and now not only do i have crashes but my saved files keep getting corrupted - i waste to much time remaking files multiple times, i'll have to find a new slicer if these issues continue. 

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