Why Student Have So Much Mental Health Issue

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In academic times, many students face issues in completing multiple essays or projects in a limited time this is why many students give all their time to complete these essays in their room and sacrifice their social life to stand with the expectations of their parents and teachers. But after so much effort many students don't get good grades because the student's academic writing skills such not good that convince the professor to give good marks which would negatively affect the student's mental health and self-confidence. These issues take many students to the bad side where they smoke or other drugs to decrease the stress that ruin their life.

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    Most of students' time is spent in completing academic tasks and meeting deadlines, but spending so much time still Receiving worse grades during their studies can have a severe impact on student's mental health. That is why students prefer assignment writing services and by expert guidance, students can diminish their burdens and get free time to relax. 

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     I am not writing my homework essay, and my doctor also advised me to take rest but I don't want to decrease my grades on this semester that affect all my effort in the university. During this time, I have only one choice to take help from my friend or business essay writing Service UK