Remove "Always on" internet requirements & data reporting

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I have the Anycubic Photon and would love to try using this software.  However, the "Always on" internet requirement is a serious issue for me and lots of others that are posting in the Photon community.  Personally I will not use this software unless all of the data reporting functions are removed.  There are too many companies collecting and selling data of their users, and I refuse to contribute to another one.  These requirements could be circumvented by running the software in an isolated virtual machine, but that is too much time and effort to spend just for trying out new software.  Please remove the always online requirement and any data reporting, as this is a deal breaker for me (and from the sounds of it, many others)

Side note: Will these data reporting functions only be in the "Free" version of the software, or in the Professional one too?  I can't speak for the others, but I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for the software, if only it did not have this.  It should go without saying, but if these functions are included in the Pro version I would never pay for it.

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  • ChiTuBox 7 Months+
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    Hello, thank you for your suggestion. Considering some of the requirements of the community, we will make some changes to the Internet connection in the next version. We don't want to, and we don't collect personal privacy information (about the privacy policy, we have already explained in the official website and software installation process, and in the next version,we will explain what information is collected), we just want to have more Feedback, speed up software updates, we hope to make a more professional version in the future.
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    my main machine that i like to use for rendering is NEVER connected to Internet for security reasons. this requirement prevents me from using this software fully!