Why does my axis change after I sliced a file?

2020-3-14 628

Hello, my axis settings somehow change after I slice a file, so it flips the part in the file 90 degree, witch wraps it out of proportion.


I made a post on reddit already, I'll paste what I wrote there on here and hope someone can help me asap.



Hello good folks, so earlier today I was trying to print a big mini for a friend of mine, since it was so big, I ended up laying it down (like on a bed) with the mini's lenght being down the X axis.

I put up all the supports, hollowed it out etc and got ready to slice it in chitubox, then I saved the file.

I tried to open the file once more, just to be sure before I started printing, and I got a error message saying "The file is to large, so only parts of the 3D model and all layers can be displayed". I googled it and saw this is a problem many have with the Photon, but it still works, so I put it on the USB stick and started printing, since it looked OK on the Photon.



Now, 6 hours later when the print is finished, it looks off. The mini is way more narrow than it should be, it looks like the Y axis have been compressed a lot, and I don't know why?

I gave something else a try, I wanted to put on a print before I went to bed, so I found these 3 prints on cults3D, and thingieverse.




This is how it looks before I start slicing it.



These are my settings


Then after I slice & save the file, I delete them from the "worktable" and open them again trough "open file" and it looks like this:




files after I loaded them again



What can cause it to be this wrapped and not the same way i saved it?


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    Can you send me your project files for testing, the URL of your first model is wrong, and the email address is: zengzhenggao@cbd-3d.com