Chitubox bug creating ghost mirrored copy

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Hello, whenever I copy an object in Chitubox 1.9.5, on screen it shows the copy correctly and the preview after slicing correctly.

However, when I print I get one extra mirrored copy. This is wasteful of resin and time.

For example, if I want 3 pieces, I click the copy button twice, then print. It all looks good on screen, even on the printer's built in preview screen. However, when the print is finished, I see 4 pieces: the 3 I wanted, plus one extra 4th one, which is mirrored. 

I'm on Linux Mint. And this is Creality Halot-Mage 8k. Printing is fine if I don't use the copy button; nothing weird happens in that case. I tried 3 times to upload and attach the example file that last did this, but it this website simply won't upload it for some reason. So therefore I put it on google drive and here's the link:

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    It may be a known issue that v1.9.5 causes the Mage to export corrupted sliced files, you can download CHITUBOX Basic v1.9.6-beta here:
    If this issue persists, please email