Integrate a Photon File Validator!

ideaform3d 2020-3-26 7012

Please integrate a photon file validator that searches through the photon file for unsupported islands in the pixels and fixes them like this software:

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  • cbd 2020-3-26
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    Hello, we will have similar features, which will be updated in this year's new version
  • Guest 2020-4-14
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    Sounds like a good idea.  When will it be release?
  • Henrik 2020-5-2
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  • 2020-5-15
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    +1 - Although, shouldn't the auto support do that already? If auto support works, there should never BE any islands left over. The 1 pixel, corner connected pixels, yes, but never any large islands left after auto support.
  • Guest 2020-11-1
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    Hi any news for such features in Chitubox?
  • cbd 2020-11-2
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    Yes, future versions will support
  • 2021-3-10
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    Hi. PFV / islands check; Included in v1.8.1 ? not seen 'till now; Thx for your advise.
  • cbd 2021-3-11
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    There is an island detection button in the upper right corner after slicing, click it to perform island detection.
  • 2021-3-16
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    Thx cdb. Found upper left corner for v1.8.1 'detect or delete islands" - Upper right for me is "show all  layers" and "display layer with islands". Very usefull ! Thx again :). 
    (Stand alone PFValidator' program allowed me to avoid lot of failures before !)
  • zhristopher 5 Months+
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    Este deve ser um ótimo projeto. Estou muito ansioso por isso, vou aproveitar o lendário jogo do getaway shootout para esperar por isso.