Method to include metallic parts

Guest 2020-5-3 647

I need to include a magnet or a nut into printed parts.
I would like to :

- stop printing at layer N (eg 120)

- remove plate

- wash printed part

- fix a nut into appropriate seat (with uv superglue)

- restart printing

I have major difficulties to stop at N layer, actually I pause manually

Does anyone know how include pause command in printing file?


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  • Guest 2020-5-3
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    would it not be easier to print the part up to where you need your magnet, then print the other part separately and glue those together with your uv glue?

    that way you can't have accidental layer shifts from putting the build plate a few micrometers next to the old location. which you most likely wont be able to fix, while when glueing you can fix it more easily.
    always be careful with magnets around electronics.
  • cbd 2020-5-4
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    Hello, what's your email address? Can you send it to