Features to help with draining resin from inside large solid objects

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I'm using beta v1.6.4.2 and I'm printing a model that is essentially a large blocky chunk, which the infill does a great job of generating internal support matrix.  However, the print is coming out 100% full of uncured resin and I have to drill it to get it out (which contaminates the resin with shavings, making it harder to reclaim) 

1) Add feature to cut drainage holes last, after infill has been generated.  I'm not sure why you would evern not want to cut the drainage holes last.
If I try to add holes, it fails and says the print is not hollow.  If I hollow the model first, it won't let me manually add internal supports.  Please add the option to cut the drainage holes last...it doesn't matter what the thickness is if you can set the diameter, position, and height of the hole cutter and it performs the cut last.

2)Add feature to periodically lift the model out of the resin to let it drain before top surfaces are cured.  

Even with drainage holes the print still fills up with resin during the print.  The print should be able to be lifted out of the ersin every once in a while to drain.  Woudl be awesome if it can analyse where the top surfaces are and smartly lift the model out to drain when it gets close to sealing  the top of the model, but even a dumb feature to lift the model and hold for draining every so many layers or seconds would do wonders towards reducing the amount of resin sucked up into the model.    

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    Thank you for your suggestions, if you can, please send them to: support@chitubox.com, can I add your email?
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