Mouse won't scroll in Chitubox

Guest 2020-6-8 762

The title says it all. My mouse, which functions correctly in every other application (gaming, productivity, CAD), will suddenly not scroll in Chitubox. This is a Chitubox only issue. This just started about two days ago. I cannot move in and out using the scroll wheel on my mouse. As a result, I can't use Chitubox.

Since the problem started, I have made sure that WIndows is fully updated and all drivers are current. I have altered the mouse settings in Control Panel several times without effect. I have also downloaded and installed the latest version of Chitubox and the problem remains. 

Any help? This is really weird and it, as you can imagine, totally stops me from using the program and making 3D prints.

Any help much appreciated.


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  • cbd 2020-6-8
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    Try to delete the log file, or restore the appearance settings, it is best to delete the log file, and then restart the chitubox。