v1.6.5 for 64 bit Windows 10. Window will not move to 3rd monitor. Previous beta version was fine.

Guest 2020-7-14 639

  • Just installed v1.6.5 for 64 bit Windows 10.  I can no longer move the Chitubox window to my number 3 monitor.  It will work on my primary and 2nd monitor, but refuses to be dragged fully to my 3rd monitor.  My monitors are arranged 3/1/2.  When dragging the Chitubox window to the left monitor it flickers and attempts to return to the primary.  When it does stick, it will always leave a small slice of the window on the primary no matter what.  It works fine when dragging it to the number 2 monitor.  I prefer my CAD software on that one, however.  Help please.

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  • cbd 2020-7-14
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    Hello, I have feedback the problem to the r&d team. Whether we can perform remote operation, if so, please send an email to support@chitubox.com.
    Thank you!
  • Guest 2020-7-17
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    I will email.