1.6.5 - Please add option to disable camera 'auto-centre' / Set Aux Support Line to off by default

2020-7-18 1115

While there's a lot of cool feautres in 1.6.5, I'll be downgrading back to until the auto-camera issue is fixed.

It appears to be a new feature in 1.6.5 whereby whenever you select a different object or switch to and from support mode, the camera will try and auto-centre itself on the object. This is extremely irritating since I already had the camera positioned where I wanted it and now I have to wait for the camera to slowly drift to a new position and then drag it back to where I had it initially.

Additionally, when I change to support mode, a lot of 'Preprocessing' progress bars appear. I assume this is related to the new Auxillary Support Line feature. I don't use Auto-supports, I don't need Chitubox to 'help' me locate optimal support locations, so if there could be a option in the setting to set Aux Support off by default then my machine wouldn't need to do all that preprocessing.

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