Internal Supports Going Through Model

Guest 2020-7-26 1991

Hi, check the screenshot attached.

The model is hollowed. See how the support that I've added inside go straight through the model and create rafts under the model?

This is with Chitubox v1.6.5.

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  • Guest 2020-7-26
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    Just following up on this.

    I closed chitubox, opened it again as an empty project. Opened the model I was working on and it starts to place supports properly.
  • Gabriel 2020-7-30
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    Same here, ill try restart
  • cbd 2020-7-30
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    Please update to
  • Alex Lepailleur 2020-10-30
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    I encountered this on 1.7 as well
  • Guest 2020-12-8
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    I am also having this problem in 1.7.
  • cbd 2020-12-8
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    Guest I am also having this problem in 1.7.
    Is it produced after hollowing out the model?
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    I am getting the same thing happening on 1.9.2