Linear Supports / Supports Along Lines in Solid Geometry

Joseph Ferris 2020-7-28 762

While I find creating supports for more organic shapes to be straightforward, albeit time consuming, I have only found one approach that delivers consistent results for Platonic solids (terahedron, cubes, octohedrons, etc.)  That approach is to orient the object "point-down" and add a large number of supports to the downward (plate-facing) edges.  This results in "fins" to support the geometry while it is at its most vulnerable, i.e. near the points.  I learned this technique from the "ImagiNation Labs with Rev Chumley" YouTube channel.  Specifically, this video.

This would be much easier to accomplish, not just on Platonic solids, but for any objects with straight edges, were there a way to identify two points and have a series of supports added between those two points at a specified density.  Additionally, being able to select a specfic edge, instead of two points, would make this a painless operation, as well.

Thank you, in advance, for any consideration.

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