Feature Request: Do not hollow

Leto Atreides 6 Months+ 244

Chitubox hollows blindly.  This can often create very small pockets in random areas that cannot be easily drained.  Other slicers like PrusaSlicer do not hollow sections if they are smaller than a certain size.

Hollowing out this model as an example, both Chitubox and PrusaSlicer will hollow out the large center area, but Chitubox also blindly hollows out the smaller corner section.

Because of this I often have to hollow models out in PrusaSlicer to avoid hollow cavities that I cannot reasonably drain.  The request is to have Chitubox ignore small areas when hollowing (maybe even have this as a setting so users can select how small of an area to ignore, or none at all)

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  • Leto Atreides 6 Months+
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    If you don't put drain holes in every little pocket that gets hollowed out you get this:

    That is the corner from the photos in the original post.  The pressure from the resin in the cavity caused it to blow out.

    Keep in mind that these are zoomed in examples (the walls are only 1 mm thick!) so the cavities are fairly small.