Why - Printed the supports, but not the piece attached to supports

Michael Barkley 2018-12-8 1126

This would be funny, if it only happened once, but for 3 different D-n-D game pieces, that I've tried to print with supports now, only the supports have printed.  The actual 3D object was totally missing.  Supports looked awesome.  :)   Why??? 

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  • Guest 2018-12-17
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    Have the same problem with the different figures I have tried to print. Using Chituslicer to make supports and slicing the same figures do the printing - no problem. until now haven't had a succesfull print with the ChiTuBox. Sorry to say.
  • ChiTuBox 2018-12-17
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    please set "“contact depth” bigger

  • augustohs 11 Months+
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    Hello Michael Barkley. Did you solve your problem? How? I am facing the same problem.
  • Guest 9 Months+
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    I am having a similar problem but for me, the 1st layer up to the bottom of the part does not show up in the images. I did not realize it at first but the prints failed because there was nothing to stick to the build plate.  Anyone having this issue? 
  • ChiTuBox 9 Months+
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    Guest I am having a similar problem but for me, the 1st layer up to the bottom of the part does not show u ...
    Hi ,could you send stl and slicing file to support@chitubox.com? let we check