Chitubox always crash

Gustaff 2020-10-3 772

Update chitubox too 1.7 - he not slice only crash- time of time crush windows To be specific: I press to slising, it freezes and does not work. Sometimes Windows hangs up. With all files - no exceptions. Everything after the update.

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  • cbd 2020-10-5
    Quote 2Floor
    Please enable the graphics card compatibility mode in the setting interface in the drop-down menu, and delete the log file after the crash.
  • Gustaff 2020-10-6
    Quote 3Floor
    "enable the graphics card compatibility mode " - where can i find it?
  • Richard 2020-10-6
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    Try file (3 lines) -> Settings -> then check the box second from top and restart.
  • Gustaff 2020-10-6
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    Richard Try file (3 lines) -> Settings -> then check the box second from top and restart.
    Didnt hlp
  • Gustaff 2020-10-7
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    Gustaff Didnt hlp
    Now work. Ty
    And one more- drag and drop stop work- wut to do?