Adding Supports Won't Work

2020-10-6 2847

I am using the latest version and when I go to add supports to floating islands they won't always add the support no matter what angle I try to click it on to. Only work around I have found is creating a support else where on the model and then editting it to drag over to the floating island. Is there a fix to this? Am I using to thick of supports? Is there settings I should change? 

Also, auto add supports misses a large chunk of floating islands on some miniatures, even though the preview before hand of supports shows that supports should go there, the auto supports still doesn't add all of em. 

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  • Richard 2020-10-6
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    I too experience your first issue, not sure why it happens other than the software cannot easily find a suitable place to root the base of the support your wanting to add. Clicking elsewhere and manually moving does the trick for me.

    As for auto supports, you can try increasing the Density(%) but this doesn't always have the desired result. Its tricky to explain, but long story short, the software wont capture every single island as it basically depends on one islands proximity/surface area/angle to other islands (I haven't found a software that does capture every single island)
  • 2020-10-6
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    Richard I too experience your first issue, not sure why it happens other than the software cannot easily fin ...
    I used a mixture of Chitubox and then slide it over to Photon File Validator. PFV is good at finding the missed islands, so then I can go back to Chitubox and just add supports to the missing islands. Thank you for your reply, I will try messing with the density(%) next time I go to print!