Chitubox on M1 Macs

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Does anyone have any information on how Chitubox runs on an M1 Mac, or what posible requirments would be with the M1 Mac?

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    It runs a little slow, but it runs. Most features seem to be functional.

    After switching between views (editing/supports) or attempting to change supports, the build plate wanders off in one direction (not always the same direction) until you reposition it manually.

    I have not been able to delete supports.

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    Can I make a video and send it to,
    Is it impossible to select the support to delete, or what? You can use the shortcut key delete.
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    Citubox 1.7 run very slow on M1 :(
    Why? How can I do?
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    I can't open the software. my Mac don't know if the software is legit and won't open the software.
    what can I do?
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    I get the same message about a trusted developer on v1.8.0(Beta) and with v1.8.1 I get Not Responding and program never opens. Any ideas or do you need any logs or videos to help understand the issue ?
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    I get the same message about a trusted developer on v1.8.0(Beta) and with v1.8.1 I get Not Respondin ...
    Can you take a screenshot and send the log file to