Model lifts off of bed in chitubox when I go to add supports

Guest 2020-11-21 3647

Hello, I'm fairly new to 3D printing and chitubox, but have been having pretty good success.  Yesterday I imported a model I built in Rhino 5, which I've done before and successfully printed.  This time the model imported just fine, but when I go to add supports to it, it raises off of the bed a good amount resulting in the model "floating".  This happens with or without "raft" being selected.  If i don't add any supports and go back to the edit tab, the model sits back down on the bed.  When I add a support however, it stays floating.  the support goes all of the way down to the bed, and thus supports the model in that "floating" position.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this is happening and/or suggestions on how to fix it?   I think it would be a lot cleaner and easier to print if it would just sit on the bed, but i'm wondering if the program is "suggesting" that it's better to float the whole thing.


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  • Thom E Shartle 2020-11-22
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    If you look at the top control sets when you click the Supports tab, you will see "Z Lift Height" - I am betting that is the default Z-lift to allow room under an object to attach supports.
  • Guest 2020-11-29
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    I'm fairly new to 3D printing and I had the same problem. Thom, you are correct, the Z height setting was 5mm off the build plate. Most of my prints have been off the plate with supports on a raft so I didn't notice this before but I started printing files that sit right on the build plate. A habit I've adopted (after two failed prints) is right before I slice the model I flip it over to be sure the bottom is green. This indicates that it is sitting all the way down on the build plate. I use an Epax X1 printer with an LED screen on the front. If I don't see the print outline on the screen on the first layer, I know something is not right.