Model is completly gray.

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This started after my last system patch (it was working before).  I am using Linux Mint 20.04.

This is effecting multiple versions of Chitubox (1.6 - 1.8 Beta), I did try graphics compatibility mode, no change.

Also the orientation cube in 1.8 is messed up.  Ideas?

Here is a screenshot:

System Information:

Linux Mint 20.04

Chitubox 1.8 Beta

AMD Radeon RX 580 with open source MESA drivers.

I will be tring software render mode shortly.

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    Software rendering corrects the issue.  So there is some sort of an issue with the GPU acceleration.

    I am using Cinnamon Desktop.

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    I can confirm.
    Gray model on gray background.
    Linux Mint (Ubuntu 20.04) / AMD Ryzen CPU / AMD Vega64 GPU
  • Daniel Taylor 9 Months+
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    Bumping this back up. Do we have a solution yet?
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    Daniel Taylor Bumping this back up. Do we have a solution yet?
    Solution is another slicer ...
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    Daniel Taylor Bumping this back up. Do we have a solution yet?
    I have found the ""best"" way to run with software rendering (even though the FPS is utter TRASH) is to put 
    before running the file
    ( basically, you do "MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 ./AppRun" )
    The only true solution is for them to fix the OpenGL drawing so it applies color to the model ^^'' 
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    YES - this worked! I use a script (Kubuntu 20.04.2 with AMD 5700XT card).

    Here is my script....put in the root folder of the unzipped chitubox v1.8.1 files.

    CB_DIR="/home/jason/Elegoo-ChiTuBox/CHITUBOX V1.8.1/"
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$CB_DIR/lib

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    Thank you, copied your script, and it has resolved my issues with both the model not displaying, and Chitubox 1.8.1.
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    This fixed my issue as well, but now Chitubox runs unusably slow. I try to rotate the view and I have to wait 5 seconds before the screen refreshes. I'm using ubuntu 20.04, threadripper, 2x vega 64s. I'm new to resin printing and haven't been able to get this running for my first print with my new elegoo. The instructions for linux are literally just run the file lol. Do I need to install the opengl drivers? I've had issues with them in the past. 

    Update: I found the solution. For me it was removing everything except the LD path and adding AMD_DEBUG=mono per this thread:

  • Daniel Taylor 5 Months+
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    Revisiting this post after 4 months of not printing :( I'm glad to see we have a possible solution, could you please break it down into simple clear instructions? I'm not the most technical when it comes to Linux (still got a lot to learn) and would really appreciate the help to enjoy this hobby again.

    Thanks so much, 
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    Just another quick update (cos I've been at this for about 3hrs now), if I put cd '/home/ddm/CHITUBOX 1.8 Beta'; AMD_DEBUG=mono ./CHITUBOX; cd in terminal, it works. However, I need to execute that every time, is that right? I also tried this "" script listed above but not sure I was implementing that correctly.