chitubox 1.8 beta Not creating internal supports

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doing in 1.7 comes out perfect, but in 1.8 it doesn't generate the supports

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    Estou com o mesmo problema
  • cbd 10 Months+
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    All models will be like this or some models. Can I send the project file to for testing?
    Whether the attempt to reset the support parameters is effective.
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    All models.
  • ALESSANDRO 9 Months+
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    the same problem is occurring for me. internal supports are not being generated
  • cbd 9 Months+
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    Can you send the project file to for testing?
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    This bug occurs when chitubox is in portuguese language, if you switch to english and restart chitubox, the internal supports are created normally

    Este bug ocorre quando o chitubox está com o idioma portugues,  se mudar para ingles e reiniciar o chitubox, os suportes internos sao criados normalmente