Elegoo Saturn unable to network print (Not found)

Guest 2021-2-3 1003


so i have a elegoo saturn and im unable to find it through Chitubox 1.8

I can ping the printer at X.X.X.52 and i have verified its responding with the on off of the printer. its pluged in to my router and visible in the network registry and is able to get an IP.

When clicking "Network sending" the printer field is blank. I click the refresh and nothing happens.

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  • 2022-1-25
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    I have the same problem with another printer!
    Any solution?
  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-29
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    It could be your firewall is blocking the needed port(s). Try disabling the firewall and see if it works--if it does you'll have to determine what port(s) it uses and configure the firewall accordingly.
  • Richard Morrow 2022-2-21
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    this port should be for this function, they haven't supported this function. waste of time
  • Thorsten Schuller 2022-2-27
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    Hallo hat jemand ein Lösung für das Problem bei geht es auch nicht !
  • 2022-3-2
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    Network send is largely useless even when it works.  It need a USB stick in the port to work BTW since all it does is write , very slowly,  to the USB and then start the print