Unable to launch 1.8.1 on Linux Mint 20

Ian Cornwall 8 Months+ 3789

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  • cbd 8 Months+
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    Is anyone willing to remotely assist us in solving this problem? If you like, please send an email to support@chitubox.com
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    cbd hello, Is anyone willing to remotely assist us in solving this problem? If you like, please send an ...
    right now I don't have enough time to collaborate deeply, but I recommend that, although it is not the best thing to do... in case you have problems with libraries as at this moment, create an AppImage with the program.
  • Cliff Knight 7 Months+
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    With CB remote support's help I have CB v1.8.1 and my other apps (FreeCAD, etc.) working on my system--However I find i cannot allow any Linux Update Manager updates to be loaded  or I'm back to FreeCAD and the PulseAudio Equalizer not launching, complaining about Qt version conflicts. Had to restore via Timeshift to get back to where it all works, and disable auto-updates to prevent further screw-ups.

    I.e. I am not yet a "CB v1.8.1 happy-camper"--and still think QT's version management is a "fuster cluck"

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    what a mess...
    adding these to my ~/.bash_aliases worked for me so i can open the program with a couple letters on the command line

    alias chitubox='export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/Apps/CHITUBOX-V1.8.1/lib; ~/Apps/CHITUBOX-V1.8.1/AppRun &'
    alias chitu='chitubox'
    alias chi='chitubox'
  • claudio souza 3 Months+
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    Guest Thanks for the tip, that worked out for me.
  • claudio souza 3 Months+
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    Guest The proper way to do it, without mess ...
    Thank you for the suggestion, that worked out for me.
  • TrevorJackson 19 Days+
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    Hi, I had a similar problem, and I installed the previous version of windows and everything got better