Nova3D official chitubox plugin

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I see it's available a Chitubox plugin on Nova3D Official website

and precisely this is the link

This plugin works well with chitubox 1.7.0 but now It does not works with the latest 1.8.1 version.

Please, add Nova3D Resin Printers (Elfin, Bene4 and the others) to Chitubox, we don't want to use commercial with video advertise competitor programs, we want to use Chitubox!



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  • Guest 13 Days+
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    It does not even want to work with either 1.7 or 1.8 for my Elfin 1 printer. Part of the problem seems to be the extension (.colour.cws). Can we go back to just .CW's please?
  • Yury 9 Days+
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    I have the same problem with mine Nova 3d Bene4. It doesn't work in Win 7 -64 and Win 10 -64.The cws format is not saved. Help