Contact depth changes when multiple endings are added from one connection point

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The function, where I can have multiple top parts coming from the same column is really handy, I love it so much. So it bothers me that I have to check the newly added parts every time if their contact depth have been bugged or not. Sometimes the difference is not that big, but sometimes I can get 5-6 mms instead of my default 0,10mm. And no matter the difference, this setting should not be changed by accident.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Add a support

2. Switch to Edit mode and double click connection sphere

3. Add a second top part

4. Check contact depth value

I have also attached a video about the issue.

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    I think this is not a mistake, because the different tops are at different angles to the model, so they have different contact depths.

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    This could be the case, but then occasionally I get a contact depth which basically strikes through my model, like one time I got around 5.62mm instead of the 0.10 I set before, which is a HUGE difference.