(V1.8.1) SLOW + File Explorer crashing + Slicing issue

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Overall, V1.8.1 is extremely slow compared to older versions like V1.7.0. It takes a long time to startup, when switching back to it from another window it takes a while to respond, and the top menu lag too (the blue highlight takes a while to respond to options I hover over).

Anything that opens the file explorer, such as to save or open files, also crashes CHITUBOX. It didn't do it before, but now that it does, it's rendered V1.8.0 unusable.

I've also had an experience where sliced files would skip part of a layer for SOME of the supports or model. I haven't made it occur again from my short time using this version, but it HAS happened and its something I've never run into before.

In my experience, all issues above are not present for version 1.7.0.

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  • Guest 8 Months+
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    I got random crashing after slicing. Not sure if it related somehow to stl... if i make stl fusion360->prusaslicer->chitu it sometimes crash but if i make fusion360->fusion cloud->chitu the same part have not crashed...

    And i got slicing problem. Chitubox wont recognise some inner parts

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    I have the same issue. Slow start, when i switch windows it freezees for seconds. It is frustrating as hell. I like chitubox, but i'm slowly going for lychee, i have to pay for the pro, but it is worth the price. This problem and the issues with supports ( that are marginale in the lychee pro) must be addressed instead of useless features or improvement that are less necessary.

  • Randy 8 Months+
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    I have the same issues as as well and you are right, it is very frustrating so much so I am staying with 1.7.0 until they get it fixed.  I reported this multiple time to support@chitubox.com and finally received a response listing a couple of commands but with no information on where is use them.  The response I received was:
    Please add these commands: export LD_LIVRARY_PATH=lib

    export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=qml

    Thanks & regards
    创必得科技(CBD-Tech) /Zeng
    but there is no instructions of where the add the commands.  I've looked though the registry, and the config files but it's not obvious and I have emailed them multiple multiple times with no further response.  

    Does anyone know where to add these commands?

  • Cliff Knight 8 Months+
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    I got that same cryptic and misleading response from them. Those are incomplete, and thus misleading, LInux commands for establishing environment variables indicating the location  of the QT5 libraries needed by CHITUBOX.
    Once properly configured they were the key to getting CB v1.8.1 running at all on my Linux Mint 20.1 workstation.

    Properly defined for my system they are ("lib" and "qml" must be complete and valid paths for it to work):

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/knightci/Applications/CHITUBOX-V1.8.1/lib
    export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=/home/knightci/Applications/CHITUBOX-V1.8.1/qml

    where CB v1.8.1 resides in /home/knightci/Applications/CHITUBOX-V1.8.1

    With the help of fellow forum members we got this figured out in this thread.

    Perhaps configuring similar Windows environment variables. IIRC there's a "Set" command for adding/editing environment variables, there's a system config GUI too (again, IIRC I haven't used Windows in 5+ years and have never used "10")

  • Randy 8 Months+
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    OK, thanks for that - that is probably for a different issue.  What I see is 1.8.1 is doing seemingly endless operations on the video hardware even when it is just sitting there.  At this point 1.8.1 is so much slower I will  have to keep using 1.7.0 until Chitubox has a real solution.
  • Cliff Knight 8 Months+
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    I am becoming increasingly disappointed with QT in general, and QT5 in particular--it is incredible "bloat-ware"¹ with sometimes identical caches of their libraries scattered all over my hard drives; and they change things, often without backward compatibility, more often than my step-son changes his underwear. And the changes often break existing applications.

    ¹ - Though software bloat has been endemic since processor speeds, and memory and fixed storage capacities have steadily increased over the years. QT and the other various "quick & easy" "programming environments' have made it worse.